Q. Will buying Sydestep 'Ensure' help me take a better, more secure back up, complete with encryption?

A. Yes.


Q. How do I receive support?

A. You buy support from a support company.


Q. Is 'ensure' secure?

A. Yes! We use 256 bit systemic encryption on the secured data, secured on your computer.


Q. Is it open source?

A. No.


Q. What happens if I lose the key?

A. It is your key. Nobody else has a copy.


Q. Are there any back doors to your security?

A. There are no back doors.


Q. Can I use this software around the world?

A. It can be used where Windows is allowed.


Q. Can I accidentally delete my backed up data when using 'ensure'?

A. You cannot.


Q. Can I accidentally delete a file when using 'ensure'?

A. No!


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